About Our Firm


We're here to help.

Antonoplos & Associates specializes in repesenting the banking and finance industry. We represent financial institutions with legal matters involving commerical and residential lending and most recently the transition away from LIBOR.

Over 20 Years Experience.

At Antonoplos & Associates, we have over 20 years of legal experience and dedication to working for our clients every day. Our multi-state law firm specializes in lender representation and real estate services.

Your Outside General Counsel.

At Antonoplos & Associates, we approach the complex legal needs of our clients from a results-driven perspective. Our clients demand top rated legal representation on their important business matters and we deliver by providing a single point for all of your legal needs.

We Represent.

Community banks, local, regional, and national financial Institutions and private lenders in residential, commercial and construction loans and finance.

Thought Leaders.

Antonoplos & Associates financial services legal practice provides our diverse base of banking clients with a comprehensive range of solutions for LIBOR loan related legal issues. Our LIBOR attorneys provides the banking industry with over twenty years of client focused legal experience in title litigation, loan modification, title curation and equitable subrogation resolutions in connection with loan portfolios.

Flexible Pricing.

Over the course 20 years we have earned a reputation of providing effective client solutions based on different pricing structures. We have deep relationships with national and regional banks, lenders, attorneys, and other lending institutions. We know one size does not fit all, and work tirelessly to implement strategic solutions and legal strategies to support our clients' goals and objectives with budget.

Cutting Edge Technology.

We employ cutting edge technology to mange portfolio litigation and transaction matters for our clients from a few dozen matter to tens of thousands our platform is ready to manage your litigation portfolio.