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Antonoplos & Associates specializes in repesenting the banking and finance industry. We represent financial institutions with legal matters involving commerical and residential lending and most recently the transition away from LIBOR.
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Loan Auditing

Review contracts to gauge what level of exposure your corporation has to LIBOR.

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Legal Counsel

Write and review the legal language required to amend contracts tied to the LIBOR index.

Antonoplos & Associates Scalable

Transition Implementation

Monitor and execute the documents necessary to give corporations a smooth transition from LIBOR to another interest rate index.

Antonoplos & Associates Scalable

Loan Litigation

Defend your corporation against any possible lawsuits that may arise from the amending of financial contracts.

Antonoplos & Associates Scalable

Risk Management

Prevent, predict, and mitigate against the migration away from LIBOR to another interest rate benchmark.

Antonoplos & Associates Scalable

Advisory Services

Provide advice on the impact and requirements that are associated with the LIBOR transition.


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Local Lenders

From private lenders to community banks we have the depth of knowledge to represent you in your lending transactions. We will work with management develop a plan for a smooth transition away from LIBOR and identify and modify the loans that are tied to this index.

Regional Banks

At Antonoplos & Associates we understand the needs of regional lenders as they grow in the marketplace. We will assist in the creation of fallback language for new loans and work directly with your institution to revise loans that use LIBOR.

National Institutions

We have successfully managed portfolio litgation for some of the largest lending institutions in the country. We will work directly with your team to review and amend loans tied to LIBOR in order to mitigate the risk associated with the move from this industry benchmark.

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A few of the clients we have represented.

Multinational corporation that provides individuals and institutions the financial products and services they need to achieve their financial goals.

Premier east coast provider of commercial real estate banking, treasury management services, residential mortgage lending, and investment advisory services.

Leading community financial servicer that specializes in mortgages, small business loans, and retirement planning.

Life sciences-focused investment firm with a strong track record of creating and building successful bio-pharmaceutical companies.

Lending Specialists.

In a crowded marketplace for legal services, Antonoplos & Associates is distinguished by the ability to assist our clients with managing the most pressing challenges that the financial industry faces. With banks, international organizations, and governments all pushing to move on from the London interbank offered rate (LIBOR) by 2021, it is imperative that lenders and borrows alike have experienced legal representation during this transition.

Our goal at Antonoplos & Associates is to provide streamlined legal counsel directly to our clients or work hand in hand with their chosen consulting firm so that each aspect of the transition process will be completed with the right level of diligent expertise.

Founded on a client first focus, the team at Antonoplos & Associates will provide cutting edge legal advice concerning LIBOR related issues to multi-national corporations and regional businesses.

Industry Knowledge.

The transition away from LIBOR is the biggest shift in the financial industry since the creation of the euro, thus, a team of legal experts who understand the financial industry and can work directly with your business or chosen consulting firm is a must. Led by Mr. Antonoplos who has an MBA from Yale University, our team recognizes the difficulties associated with moving on from LIBOR and has tailored a group of strong yet flexible attorneys who specialize in the financial industry to meet the needs of any client. With 20 years of experience guiding Fortune 500 companies through legal issues, our firm has the knowledge and experience required to successfully tackle every possible issue that the transition away from LIBOR may pose.

Legal Services.

With $350 trillion in financial contracts tied to the LIBOR index, small businesses and large corporations are both directly affected by the phasing out of this industry benchmark. Companies focused in the financial sector will need to partner with legal counsel who have the skills and team capable of amending thousands of contracts while also giving advice to companies on how to safely employ fallback language for contracts currently embedded in LIBOR. With 2021 quickly approaching and the possibility that the LIBOR index may become to unrepresentative to use during 2020, it is crucial that every business starts the process of document review and revision before this index becomes obsolete.

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"I've worked directly with Atty. Antonopoulos on several matters and I can attest to the vigorous, diligent, and no-holds-barred culture of the firm as a whole. Peter will burn the midnight oil to resolve a matter."

Elana Bertram

"I worked directly with Peter and Valerie, They are patient and very informative in the information they conveyed to me as their client. I would definitely hire them again for servicing my business matters."

Marshayla Hightower

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At Antonoplos & Assocites, we have over 20 years of legal experience and dedication to working for our clients every day. Our multi-state law firm specializes in lender representation and real estate services.